My take on Indrani Mukherjea Case

Mata kabhi kumata nahi ho sakti..

I heard these lines in many serials and felt though television shows have not left any stones unturned in degrading every relationship that woman is into, at least none of the show has shown a mother in bad light. Even fictions could not dare to degrade the image of a mother but what shall we call that reality which is dirtier than any fiction?

Yes ladies fought to walk parallel to men, but does that mean if they are wrong we have all the rights to be wrong? I did not get a chance to know that marriage has become a game of cricket, one goes and other comes. And what’s the need of giving birth to a child when you feel ashamed of calling someone your daughter? Till now I knew woman as a creater but a name has defamed the womanhood. Yes, it is Indrani Mukherjea.

Till today I felt ladies are walking parallel to men in every field and I was proud of it. Engineers, doctors, IAS, Teachers, Defense, Administration and now criminals. Polygamy to female foeticide, I could associate these with men of yesteryears. But Indrani Mukherjea having married to 3 men and killing her daughter whom she called her sister makes me think that how ugly can a lady go.

Was it money or fame? Whatever it was. But wasn’t she a mother first? Even a dog cannot kill its pup. I thought human got brains. But such incident made me question our existence again. Its not a small incident to be forgotten or forgiven. It is that blot which has defamed the womanhood. Money, is this such a big thing which matters more than any relationship? Husband and wife owns their bond for seven births, a lady called herself complete after being mother.. where is the essence of these words lost?

My request to such ladies, we have struggled a lot to reach here. Sati system to purdah to female foeticide, it took ages to come at this point where we are shining bright. Please don’t create again a situation where every father feels guilty of having a girl child, where every husband wants his wife behind purdah, where society feels why this lady is alive if her husband is dead.

A Perception

Looking at the sky, I noticed a star gazing me
I was lost amidst shrieking wind and tidal sea
Thorns and Thunder kept on warning
Those unreturned foot prints were yelling
I didn’t know will i ever reach that unknown destination
It was all dark and dreary with hollow imagination.
The dawn seemed miles away
The bats and owls were awake
I looked above and that star had something to say
It shines though it might be dark or grey
I closed my eyes and listened to myself
What my heart said changed my day
“World is not the way it seems
It is the way you want to see”
I opened my eyes and what I saw was unbelievable
The wind seemed beating triumph of my victory
The fairies on the wave seemed dancing on the chivalry
I saw raspberries among those Thorns
The paths seemed bright whom lightening adorned
The foot prints were telling how beautiful the destination is
Which wanderer never wants to leave
This dusk seemed better than the dawn
Owls and bats were like wanderer’s pawn
The life is beautiful when we see it from our eyes
There is tranquility at sunset and victory at every sunrise
tranquility of living a day the way we wanted
and victory of creating the next day much better and contented


A dream
Broken dream
Took birth in mirage of illusions
and died in the lap of reality
Couldn’t even define its existence
Burnt in the ashes of agony..
Why isn’t there any identity of yours
Why that sea doesn’t had any shore
I closed my fist to catch that dream
Alas! my hands remained empty
though I shouted and screamed
But It was overshadowed by wings of reality
And yeah I realized it was only a dream, meant to be broken
Smiling at me in those cobwebs which were woven
Conquering my soul and mind
Yet leaving me behind
Life wouldn’t have been the same
If it hadn’t it be that game
of truth and lies,
of tears and smile,
of sea and sky!!

han, jeena chahti hu mai

Han udna chahti hu mai
Jeena chahti hu fir se
Bhul gayi thi khud ko is bheed me
Aj fir se khud ko tarashna chahti hu
Sapne to maine bhi bahut dekhe the
Kuch toote, kuch tod diye gaye
Par ab un toote tukdo ko jodna chahti hu
Sab ki khushiyon me apne ansu dekh bhi na payi
Ab un ansuon ko pochna chahti hu
Naam mila, pehchan mila
Kamyabi bhi mili
Par kisko pata itna sab pane me kitna kuch kho diya maine
Aj tak khoj rahi hu use
Wo befikr hasi jise dekh k man keh deta hai ki kash ye meri hoti
Wo zidd jo karta hai ek baccha
Wo pani me kashti chalana
Wo barish me bheegna
Zindagi to badh chuki hai bahut aage
Naqab pehenna padta hai
Ansu chupana padta hai
Na chah ke bhi hasna padta hai
Par yakeen hai mujhe
Mil jaungi khud ko mai ek din

She remained a mystery

A single day matters nothing to us, but for her it meant years. She never skipped a chance to laugh out loud, dance in rains, sing like a fool, play with balloons, stare at stars and all the crazy things. No one saw her tears. All she wanted was to live.

Everyday she entered class with a bright smile. They say what you wear determines your charm, but her charm was her voice, her beauty, her will power and her nature. In those old clothes, her face shined bright. Once we visited the place where she lived, it was an orphanage. It seemed she was the favorite of everyone around. Sometimes she came to our hostel, those strict wardens even never stopped her.

I don’t know what magic it was but wherever she used to go, she filled life into it. I don’t know what was the reason but she scared getting close to people. Everyone was her friend or no one was, it was still a dilemma. Yes, she cared for everyone but she didn’t carry memories with herself. I couldn’t understand how can someone get so close to you and take away all your pains but the next time when sees you never mentions anything or asks your well being as if nothing happened.

Was something there which was unveiled? How can someone be so happy in spite of all the hard life she had? Why she never got emotionally close with anyone?
Yes I had hundreds of questions which I always wanted to ask her. But her words still echoes in my ears “Shreya, time hi kaha hai”. We never understood it. We never realized, life is too short to be wasted in grudges and grievances. We don’t live our lives, of all the years we got, we waste them in complaints but she was the one who lived it actually, not in years but in moments. She had brain tumor. Though she is no more, yet I am still learning that art of living. Who teaches me? Her memories, words and that faint smile which still flashes before my eyes.
P.S. It is an imagination mixed with some realities of life.

Woman — A tribute to you

Women —
This is not only a word, this is the name of an existence, name of the identity everyone holds, name of power, name of beauty, name of life, name of love and what not. 
Those days are not too far to be left unturned when female foeticide were not illegal, when widows were forced to follow sati practice, when imparting education to girls was sin, when girls were not allowed to step out of homes and when thousands of restrictions were imposed on her. It was never easy for her to step out and prove herself. But she did. She wrote the chapters to be read and taken inspirations from. It was never easy to break those slavery chains and fight back with everyone stopping her, but yet she did. She broke down, she was shattered, she was lost yet she fought. She was abused, she was beaten, she was injured yet she never surrendered; and as they say god even has to bow down to those who try, the same happened she won. She came out, she came out from those chains, those clouds of failures were diminished, those dark paths which never had a destination witnessed a warrior fighting back and taking over the world.
She is the originator, from Durga Maa to our mother, she is the one who defined our existence. Her identity is not in those words like fragile, gentle, sensitive… her identity is in her strength which can bear any pain, her identity is in her power which made her a successful officer, her identity is in her actions with which she can make world pause and listen to her, her identity is in her will power which made her step on the moon, her identity is in her vision which made her office governing a district, to state to a nation.. there are innumerable examples where she came out to be a shining star leaving behind everyone.
She seems calm sea, but nobody knows that she is hiding a storm within herself, she can be the best house maker to a responsible Army personnel. This post is a tribute to womanhood. She is the sky of love, ocean of affection, she is Goddess Durga, she is Maa Kaali, she is mother Mary, she is mother Teresa, she is Kiran Bedi, she is Kalpana Chawala, she is Sunita Williams, she is Medha Patkar, she is Indra Nooyi, she is you, she is me. She is flowing river, the more you will try to stop her, the more she will win. If she can bear anything then what those chains will do to her? Patience is her ornament, she can wait till eternity but she will do what she has to. Many came and went but nobody could overshadow her, nobody could hinder her, nobody could defeat her.
A salute to all the ladies for believing in themselves and making imprints on the lesson of life which will be followed by generations.

We: The Makers

Why there are tears in one’s eyes?
Why the starving person cries?

It seems all doors of happiness are closed
but still I can see a ray of hope

Why you tend to see the darkness?
Lit a lamp and it can be the first step to success.

Let the smile spread in lives
And make the gloomy world bright

Lets make the thorny paths a bed of rose
lets make those friends who were foes

There will be the sound from eternity
We have that will to change our destiny

We have that fire in our heart
Which can remove every dearth

No hungry person will ever cry
No thirsty person’s throat will be dry

Beggars will never be made the prey of mockery
Everyone shall be treated with equality

We will once again bring heaven on the earth
We will be the makers of new world

— A poem written by me in year 2007, class 10th.